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Digital artist Sally Scagell started designing floral montages to bring light and colour into her home to cheer up her surroundings through the grey dull days of the British winter.

‘My canvases act as a floral cheer-up tonic for people like me who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). These colourful digital images certainly help to lift my mood through the winter’s gloom. The end result of my endeavours (and it can be incredibly time-consuming work) is that I get to hang these lovely colours on my walls, making summer last throughout the year.

After leaving school I trained as a florist and my love of flowers has remained with me throughout a varied career in art and design. After gaining a degree in multi-disciplinary design I went on to take postgraduate design studies at Cardiff University followed by a career in arts education as both lecturer and administrator. I now combine my skills and interests into producing custom-made floral photomontages, on canvas, to suit every décor and every occasion, with greetings cards and gift tags to match. I am more artist than photographer and no two designs are ever the same.

No flower is ever perfect – most have blemishes of some kind or another (bruising, discoloration, pollen spillage) and although I try to choose the best samples to photograph I don’t attempt to ‘pretty them up’.

Focus on Flowers canvases are ideal for wedding presents or thank you gifts to the mother of the bride, matrons of honour etc. If you want to repeat the colours and flowers used for the wedding ceremony I will do my best to select appropriate blooms but I cannot guarantee to replicate them. It all depends on what flowers are available at the time.

Focus on Flowers canvases are also ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day or simply cheering up any room in the home or office.

I would not recommend attempting to repeat floral textile patterns of home furnishings – these will never be an exact match, so picking out the principal colours is a better solution for matching existing décor.’

Note: Some commissions which require specific flowers or colours that are not held in the present catalogue may take longer to complete and, as a result, may cost more.

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